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Jamaica Plain Academy - 1807

New England Palladium March 10, 1807

Jamaica Plain Academy

For Young Ladies.

Mrs Cranch and Daughters, inform their Friends and Public, that they have taken a house on Jamaica Plain, between 4 and 5 miles from Boston, and within a short distance of the Rev Mr Gray's meeting-house, where their spring Term, will open on the fifteenth of April next. The situation of Jamaica Plain is so healthy, that it is emphatically called the Montpelier of America, and combines more advantages to such a Seminary, than any other place within the vicinity of our Metropolis. Deeply impressed with the responsibility attached to her profession, Mrs. C makes it a material branch of her instruction to instil good principles and kind affections into the minds of her youthful Pupils; a love of Order, and an attachment to truth; that while the Mechanical parts of Education progress, their minds may expand with a wish to excel from a higher motive, than the gaze of the multitude. Those parents, who intrust her with the care of their children, may rely on a Maternal attention to their health, as well as manners. She therefore hopes for the continuance of the confidence & support of those, who take pleasure in cheering the widow, and upholding the Orphan.

The following are her established Terms.

Board - - - per quarter - - - - 30 Dols.

Reading, Writing, English, Grammar, Composition, History, Arithmetic, and all kinds of plain needle work, - - - - - -- - - - - 6 Dols.

Geography (including the use of Globes, Maps, &c) the rudiments of Astronomy, Rhetoric, and whatever else a young lady's taste may lead to, in the higher branches of polite literature, together with working muslin in all its varieties - - - - - - - 6 Dols.

Embroidery - - - - - - - - - - 4 Dols.

Music and Dancing taught by approved Masters, Instructors in the French language and in painting will be procured if required.

March 10 (t Ap 15.)

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  1. Is there any source for a listing of students/pupils of the Cranch school?