Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jamaica Plain Lights Up?

From the date and the content of this short entry, I think we can guess that this request is for the first electric poles in Jamaica Plain. If so, it's intersting that Green street was considered as important as Centre and South by the company. For many years it's been a residential side street, little different from any other, but in 1890 it was a major business hub for the district. Of course, there were gas lamps before electricity came, but the electric lights would have made the gas lamps seem dim in comparison.

In an earlier post, I showed that there was no electric wiring in JP four years earlier, in 1886.

Boston Daily Globe March 11, 1890

Jamaica Plain Electric Poles.

A petition signed by Treasurer Siaz of the Boston Electric Light Company for the privilege of locating poles as follows: Forty-four on Centre street, 21 on Green street and 14 on South street in Jamaica Plain, and one each of Kneeland and Federal streets of the city proper. Referred to the committee on electric wires.

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