Friday, March 7, 2008

Schoolmaster Hill - Franklin Park

If you refer back to the map in the previous entry, this structure is labeled "The Arbor." It sits on top of Schoolmaster hill overlooking the golf course at Franklin Park. As you approach it, it has the feel of a British archeological site.

This was taken just inside the doorway shown in the picture above. The columns obviously once supported a roof.

Continuing through the structure, the low walls extend in the direction of Blue Hill avenue, with little step-down "balconies" on the right that face out over the meadow/golf course.

This is looking back to the "Arbor" walk. Apparently, this was intended to support rose arbors, but they were removed early on in the history of the park.

The view overlooking the golf course. God I hate golf. You can see a bit of the Blue Hills, but only the lower Quincy side. Trees and a rising grade to the south-east hide the rest of the Blue Hill range from sight.

At the end of the stone structure, this plaque honoring Ralph Waldo Emerson sits on a Roxbury puddingstone boulder. Frederick Law Olmsted named this hill Schoolmaster after the time Emerson spend living in a cabin on the site.

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  1. I have always wondered what was here beforehand. Its very nice to have come across this blog and find a little history and photos of the park. Places I often wondered about.