Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jamaica Plain's Plane

As described in this earlier entry, the team of W.C. Whittemore and Walter E. Hamm designed and built a biplane in Jamaica Plain that was flown by pilot Melvin W. Hodgdon in a contest sponsored by the Boston Globe. The grandson of Mr Whittemore has been kind enough to make these pictures of the plane available. If you compare the front of the plane in the upper picture with the picture from the Boston Globe in the earlier entry, you'll see they are identical.

This is hitting the jackpot! Now I have to find out exactly where the plane was built.

*** Success! I've just found a copy of the 1921 Boston Directory, and it lists Whittemore Hamm aeroplane mfg. at 130 Brookside avenue. The map above shows Jamaica Plain train station at the lower left, and across Green street the location of the building at 130 Brookside avenue, marked with a green star. Very cool - I never thought I'd find that one.


  1. Good stuff pop! from another
    Whittemore.....on the other side of MA

  2. it was not w.c. Whittemore's great grandson, it was his Grandson who has the photo's shown. How do I know, cause thats my dads photos, and that would make me one of the great grandchildren, clemulus would be another one, Hey bro! didn't pick up on that mis-quote

  3. Still waiting for the correction. Also it's Walter E.Hamm, not Walter E.Homan