Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mystery Solved... For What It's Worth

Richards, L.J. 1899 (copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates)
David Rumsey Collection.

I'm reposting this map from my earlier entry on the lost Franklin Park reservoir. I said in that entry that I wanted to find out where the reservoir was, and today I took advantage of some nice weather to poke around Hagborne hill. Sure enough, I found a relatively level area with several manhole covers sitting strangely out of place in the woods. No doubt, that's the reservoir, marked by the "bourne" of "Hagbourne Hill" on the above map. There are picnic benches in various states of disrepair about the area, and a collection of metal trash barrels that are apparently kept there for the winter. If nothing else, the area seems to be a dog-walkers' paradise. Below is my manhole proof of location of the never-used reservoir of Franklin Park. Now I've satisfied my strange curiousity about the never-used, long-forgotten hole in the ground.

Does anyone wonder why there are manhole covers in the woods?

This is the only level land of this area in the "Wilderness" section of Franklin Park. There are a good 7-8 manhole covers within view of this picture. I assume the underground reservoir across much of the area.


  1. that's cool thanks for sharing

  2. Interesting, you say abandoned but wouldn't they fill it in? Wonder if it is safe. Quary issues in Quincy and all...

  3. The reservoir was designed to be underground - there's 2-3 feet of soil on top of the roof. Across the road there was a flooded quarry where 2 boys drowned around 1910 - it was filled in soon after.

  4. have you contacted the parks dept asking them if this tank has ever been inspected of it's contents?