Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What, No Condos?

They were still using the "long s" when these listings were published, so I substituted an "f" in place of "s" to give a taste of the typeface, although the two are not identical.

Boston Post Boy January 20, 1766

To be fold, a very convenient Dwelling Houfe on Jamaica Plain, near Jofhua Loring Efq; very fuitable for a Gentleman's Country Seat, with a handfome Garden, Coach Houfe, Stables and all other Conveniences, with about three Acres of good Land. Likewife a Lot of about ten Acre and a half of Wood Land near the Rev'd Mr. Walter's Meeting-Houfe; the Pay may be made eafy to the Purchafer, as good Security will be taken inftead of the Money.

Massachusetts Mercury March 30, 1798

Gentlemen Pleafe to take Notice


A country SEAT, equal, if not fuperiour to any other in this Commonwealth. The local and falubrious fituation of this Eftate is fuch that it needs only by viewed to be admired, being upon the banks of Jamaica Pond, only four and an half miles from State ftreet, Bofton.

The manfion Houfe is brick, and the other offices are of wood, and all built the last fummer, of the beft materials, and by the moft approved workmen in the State; and may be entered upon by the firft day of May. The elevation of the manfion Houfe is five feet, and an excellent Cellar under the whole. On the firft Floor is a handfome Hall, a large Dining Room, a Breakfaft Room, a Drawing Room, a Pantry, a Kitchen and Scullery. - On the fecond Floor is four large handfome Chambers, a Dreffing Room and Lobby. On the third Floor is two beautiful Chambers and a paffage way, leading to the top of the Houfe. - The Couch Houfe, wood-Houfe and Stables are all large and convenient; and the Gardens containing about five acres, with very little expenfe, may be made beautiful indeed.

Also, adjoining the above Premifes,

A large wooden manfion HOUSE, in good repair, which is occupied by three families, which are feperately and conveniently accomodated, and about three acres of Land.

This delightful fituation and valuable Eftate is now offered for Sale, on the following conditions, viz, - One third of hte purchafe Money muft be paid down, the other two thirds, if more convenient to the purchafer, may remain any number of years not exceeding ten; - Provided the intereft is punctually paid. An indifputable title will be given. For further particulars, pleafe to apply on the Premifes. March 30

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