Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jamaica Plain Station

Photo courtesy of Ebay

This post card comes from the Divided Back period (1907-1914) of postcard history, and this particular one was postmarked Feb. 20, 1908. We're looking south on the inbound side. You can see the layout of the stations and adjacent buildings here (upper right corner). At the far left, you see the mansard roof of a building owned by the Old Colony Railroad Co. To the far right, the houses you see are on either Everett or Call street.

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  1. And a bit further south was the Clarendon Hills stop, where William Fox, as in 20th Century Fox, used to get off the train from New York and walk up to his summer home on Metropolitan Avenue in Roslindale (the house, one of the largest in the neighborhood, is still there; you can even see where part of it was carved off and turned into a smaller house a few dozen yards away).

    I know, I know, not JP :-).