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This entry is taken from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, by Henry Fritz-Gilbert Waters. The Jamaica Plain Burial Ground is the one behind the Unitarian Universalist church at Centre and Eliot streets. I've walked around the graveyard, and some of the stones listed must have been lost over the years. Also, some of the extant stones are now difficult or impossible to read. Names like May, Weld and Seaverns are well known to us, but of course the names we know are far fewer than those remembered.

The last two names come from other sites. Of course, before the church was built in Jamaica Plain, residents would either be buried in Roxbury proper or simply be buried on their own property. Another entry will cover three known Revolutionary War burial sites in Jamaica Plain. Those buried on their own farms is another matter. When the land was sold, did they dig up the family? Or are there still bones lying about Jamaica Plain? Did house-builders ever dig up caskets while digging foundations? It seems likely that there must be at least a few forgotten souls in the ground somewhere in the district.

Note: some of the type in the original book couldn't be copied directly here. The combination AE is shown here as separate letters. In one case, November is abbreviated Nov with a superscript r at the end. All can be seen in the online copy of the original linked above.

Inscriptions From The Jamaica Plain Burial Ground In West Roxbury, Mass, Being The Whole Number Therein Contained.

[Copied by Luther M. Harris, M.D.]

Samuel Keyes died Oct. 26, 1785, aged 9 weeks.

In memory of Mary Woods, Daught. of Mr George Woods & Wife, who died Apl. 17, 1795; aged 5 years and 6 months.

In memory of Mr. Sylvanus Woods, youngest son of Mr. George & Mrs. Dolly Woods, who died March 25, 1808; aged 17.

In Memory of Mr. George Woods, obt Octr 15, 1815, Aged 73 years.

George, son of Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Lethbridge, died Sept.21, 1818, aged 5 mo. 14 da.

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Lethbridge, wife of Mr. Richard Lethbridge, Who died Dec. 27, 1818, AEt. 32.

In Memory of Mrs. Martha Ellis, Wife of Mr. Amasa Ellis; Who Died Nov. 26, 1812.

Erected in Memory of Mrs. Mary Harris, Wife of Mr. John Harris, who died May 7, 1814, in the 57th year of her age.

In Memory ofo Mr. Robert Harris, who died April 8, 1826, AEt. 40.

In memory of William Henry Cobleigh, who died Aug. 21, 1836, aged 17 years and 10 mos.

In memory of Capt. Lemuel May, died Novr 19, 1805, AE. 67.

In memory of Miss Rebecca Goddard, Daughter of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Joanna Goddard, who died March 26, 1798, in the 12th year of her age.

Erected to the memory of Mr. Lyman Springer, Who died Nov. 25th 1839, aged 32 years & 11 months.

In memory of Mrs. Roxina Lawrence, wife of Mr. Reuben Lawrence, who died Dec. 3, 1842, aged 36 years. Also Hannah S., daughter of Reuben and Rosina Lawrence, who died Mar. 7, 1841, aged 8 years.

In Memory of Mr. David White, who died April 28, 1816, aged 70 years.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Margaret White, who died July 18, 1841, aged 92.

Sacred to the Memory of Capt. Isaac Sturtevant of Roxbury, who died July 10, 1806, AE 66.

In memory of Mrs Rebecca Sturtevant, who died June 7, 1827, aged 69.

Sacred to the memory of Betsey S. Gregory, who died Jan. 4, 1834, aged 17 years.

Sacred to the memory of Sila Pierce, who died Oct. 13, 1837, aged 30.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Esther Weld, wife of Mr. Thomas Weld, who died July 1, 1811, aged 56 - and Mr. Thomas Weld, wo died May 12, 1821, aged 70.

In Memory of Mr. Samuel White, who died Sept. 8, 1793, AEtatis 52.

In memory of Thomas W. Seaverns, son of Josiah & Rebecca Seaverns, who died January 29, 1802, aged 4 months.

In memory of Mrs. Anna Winchester, wife of Mr. Gulliver Winchester, who died April 18, 1797, AEtatis 60.

Erected in Memory of Mr. Gulliver Winchester, who died Novr. 12, 1811, AEt. 79.

In Memory of Mr. Henry Winchester, who died June 12, 1801, AEtatis 40.

In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William Holmes, who died Jan. 6, 1835, aged 50 years.

In Memory of Mr. Charles Stimpson, died Aug. 15, 1800, aged 27 years.

In Memory of Capt. John Gould, died Jan. 10, 1814, aged 41.

In Memory of Mr. Royal Gould, died July 13, 1822, aged 35.

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Lemuel Harring, Obit June 20, 1815, AE. 20.

John Payson died Jan. 14, 1819, aged 6 years.

[On a tasteful marble monument.] Passed into the Superiour State, June 9, 1832, Frederick Chandler, AEt. 40 years. Elizabeth N. Angus, Jan. 6, 1847, AEt. 53

In memory of Frederick, son of Frederick & Elizabeth Chandler, who died Dec. 14, 1830, aged 13 years.

In Memory of Mr. William Shepherd, who died Augt. 28, 1801, AEt. 38.

In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Child, wife of Mr. Phineas Child, who died Sept. 28, 1800, AE. 49.

Sacred to the memory of Abigail Child, dau. of Mr. Phineas and Mrs. Elizabeth Child, who died May 10, 1795, aged 6 years.

In memory of Mr Phineas Child, who died March 17, 1806, AE. 60.

In memory of Maria Vietch Cranch, AE. 22, died May 29, 1810, of a lingering and painful disease, which she bore with almost unexampled patience.

In Memory of Andrew Riddle, who died Dec. 14, 1830, aged 58 years.

In Memory of Jane Riddle, wife of Andrew Riddle, who died Sept. 18, 1890, aged 56.

In memory of John Riddle, who died July 24, 1836, aged 29 years.

Mrs. Margaret Smith died Sept. 25, 1812, aged 47.

Henry J., son of Morris and Esther Millet, died Aug. 24, 1836, AEt. 2 years.

In memory of Mrs. Zibiah Randall, wife of Mr. Abraham Randall, died Mar. 18, 1833, aged 78 years.

In memory of Mr. Abraham Randall, died Oct. 7, 1793, aged 14 months.

Mary Jemerson, died Aug. 31, 1839, aged 62 years - Louisa Jemerson died Oct. 15, 1844, aged 38 years. Wife and daughter of William Jemerson.

[A monument - on one side of the shaft is inscribed - ] A.P.H. died Apr. 3, 1836, aged 3 years and 9 months - J.W.H. died July 7, 1842, aged 2 years, children of Mr. Abraham and Mrs. Emily Hodgdon. [On another side] Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Emily Hodgdon, wife of Mr. Abraham Hodgdon, who died July 1, 1843, aged 41 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Fessenden, Esq., who died Nov 16, 1845, aged 75 years.

[Two monuments within an enclosure. On the shaft of one is inscribed - ] Mary Ashton died Dec. 15, 1840. [On the other - ] Sarah E.H. Ashton, wife of Benjamin Callender, died Feb. 3, 1848, aged 31 years.

[On a marble slab within an inclosure is inscribed] -


Those flowerets fair, so lately given,
Have joined their parent Rose - in Heaven.

Ellen, aged 30.
J.W., 14 m.
J.S.W., 3 m.

[The two next inscriptions were copied from head stones standing in open fields.]

"In memory of Miss Sarah Druse, who died Dec. 23, 1792, aged 42 years."

[She was the housekeeper and intended wife of the late Dea. Nathl. Weld. She died of natural small-pox. The Deacon had her buried on his own ground, about 30 rods from his house.]

[On a marble slab standing in a field on the Boylston estate, about 20 rods from Boylston street.]

"In memoria Doctoris Ludovici Leprilete, Mass. Med. Soc., Locii, Nati Nante in Gallia, Oct. 10, Anno Domin MDCCL. Obiit carcinomate in glandula prostata, Julii die 29, MDCCCIV. AEtat suae LIV.
Celeberrimus in Chirurgia.
Hic Etiam, ejus filius solus Ludovicus Leprilete sepultus est, natus Jan. 12, Anno Domini MDCCLXXXV. Obiit Oct 30, MDCCXCII. AEtat suae octavo anno."

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