Monday, December 24, 2007

Begging for Stuff - A Holiday Tradition

(Copyright 2007)

Yours truly, sitting on Santa's lap in downtown Boston. I'm guessing that it was at Jordan Marsh some time before 1960. You see, children, back in the old days, people from Jamaica Plain would get on the streetcar and go in to Boston to do all their Christmas shopping. There was Filene's and Jordan's and Raymonds; all the big stores were along Washington street, kind of like a plaza or mall, only in the city. Then you'd walk over to the Boston Common to see the lights and decorations, and hear carollers or bands playing Christmas music. Pretty neat.


  1. Definitely Jordan's. I have a pic of myself with the same Santa from around 1957. And one of my brother from 1970, same Santa, but in color.

  2. The same Santa? There's only one Santa!