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Green Street Elevated Station

The picture above shows that the station at Green street was hung beneath the Elevated structure. The surprise in this article is that the Elevated company didn't put a station at Green street when the extension from Dudley street to Forest Hills was built. What were they thinking? Of course, it's no surprise that those rat-bastards from Roslindale were trying to screw Jamaica Plain.

Boston Daily Globe April 26, 1910

Mayor Favors Station. Jamaica Plain Petitioners Given Hearing on Request for Better Service From Elevated Road.

A large number of residents of Jamaica Plain attended the hearing by the railroad commission yesterday morning on the petition for a station on the elevated structure at Green st, between Egleston Square and Forest Hills.

Congressman Peters presented the case for the petitioners. He said the people are annoyed by the noise and their property has depreciated, and therefore they should be compensated. Although the steam roads have two stations between Roxbury and Forest Hills, the service is unsatisfactory.

Robert M. Morse said that 10,000 residents of the district want the station, and Col Thomas L. Livermore said that he could not understand why the elevated should try to develop Forest Hills and neglect Jamaica Plain, which is already thickly settled. Samuel D. Capen and John B. Wheeler also spoke in favor of the station.

Mayor Fitzgerald spoke in favor of the station. Residents of Jamaica Plain complain that the elevated structure injures their property, he said, without providing compensating convenience to passengers. The company has taken off surface cars so that the service is inferior. There are 13,000 persons in the territory served by the elevated, which has only one station in the area for which the New Haven road has three, he said. He insisted that the company should furnish adequate means of accommodation.

It was shown that Forest Hills and Egleston Square was nearly as great as the distance from Sullivan sq to the North station, in which there are two intermediate stations, and that the distance from Dudley st to Dover st is equal to that from Forest Hills to Egleston Square. Among others who appeared in favor of the petition were George A.O. Ernst, Rev Charles F. Dole, George A. Cowen, Louis A. Buff, George W. Flynn, John T. Wheelwright, William B. Wheelright, Thomas Curley, Sewall C. Brackett, E.F. Riley, J.J. O'Donnell, J.T. Hasford, W.A. Gleason, Dr Chadwick, attorney McLaughlin and Dr E. Peabody Gerry.

The commissioners heard George Cherry of the Mt Hope Improvement association and Henry Kramer and James Ward of Roslindale in opposition. They objected to the station because it would interfere with rapid transit, they contended, and because, if the station is built, others would be demanded by residents along the route.

Mr Snow, counsel for the elevated company, was not prepared to go on with his case and asked for a continuance. The hearing was postponed until 2 o'clock Friday afternoon.

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