Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faulkner Hospital Home For Nurses

Boston Daily Globe January 29, 1924

Faulkner Hospital Winning Drive For $250,000 Home For Nurses. Training School Will Be Housed in New Jamaica Plain Building and This It is Hoped Will Help Relieve Shortage of Nurses.

Trustees of the Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, and their friends are determined that the nurses there are to have attractive and comfortable living quarters and surroundings.

To this end, they are conducting a drive for $250,000 for a new Nurses' Home, which they hope will allow the Faulkner Hospital to do in a larger way its part in relieving the present shortage of trained nurses now felt throughout the country. The new building will also release for essential hospital development space at present occupied by the nurses who now are quartered in two different buildings, at a considerable distance apart.

Then again the training school for nurses is planning to instruct 50 students this year, and so many vocations are calling women today, that students demand comfortable living quarters.

Proper space for the classrooms, for the Training School will also be provided in the proposed new building. One of the buildings now occupied by nurses is on the Adams Nervine Hospital grounds and the lease runs out in a year and a half. Thirty-five nurses live in this structure, while the remaining 20 are in a building on the hospital property, now needed for hospital use. The new structure will accommodate 75 persons.

About one-fifty of the needed funds has already been pledged, and the committee headed by Nelson Curtis, is working zealously to have the remaining money collected by the middle of March, so work may be underway as soon as possible.

Subscriptions will be received by Ingersoll Bowditch, treasurer, at 111 Devonshire st, Boston.

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