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Post Office - Green And Cheshire Streets

In an earlier post, it was noted that the Post Office left this site for Centre and Myrtle streets. The portrait of Supt. Clark bears a remarkable resemblance to John Cleese, don't you think?

Boston Daily Globe March 1, 1908

New Postoffice To Be Opened Today. Jamaica Plain Structure is Attractive in Design and Complete in Equipment.

The new Jamaica Plain postoffice, which competent judges say is the best equipped in the Boston district, will be opened for business at 9:30 this morning, with Albert H. Clark as superintendent. Supt Clark has been in charge for nearly 10 years, and during that time the business has increased 100 percent.

This year, the stamp sales will amount to $40,000 and the money order business to $130,000. A staff of nine clerks, 21 carriers, one subcarrier and four collectors is necessary to properly care for the business. The oldest carriers are Joseph E. Page, who has seen 33 years' service; John F. Tuckett, 24 years' service, and Thomas Clary, 23 years' service.

Supt Clark started as a special delivery letter boy in the Chelsea postoffice in 1887, and has worked his way up to his present position. He is very popular with the men under him and also with the citizens.

The building in which the postoffice is located is of modern brick construction, situated at the corner of Green and Cheshire sts, and affords ample room for the transaction of business of that station for many years to come. A feature of the new building is that its front and east side is almost wholly of plate glass, and being only one story in height, large skylights also help to light the interior. At night many electric lights will illuminate the office.

The new office is finished in quartered oak, and the furnishings are of the same wood. There is a modern burglar proof safe, which Supt Clark says "the yeggs will have a hard time trying to crack."

The fixtures include stock cabinets, letter boxes and keyless combinations, stamp cabinets, money order cases, carriers' return book case, with lockers underneath, double mailing case, with 140 holes, slip case with sliding doors, letter assorting case, paper assorting case, sack pouch holder, stamping table with storage of ink pads, new stamping machine, clerks' tables, private office for Supt Clark, lockers for the clothing of clerks and carriers, and many other up-to-date conveniences.

Thursday evening an opportunity was offered the public to inspect the new office, by invitation of Supt Clark, and nearly 300 accepted and were greeted by the superintendent and his staff.

[the remainder gives names of visiting post office dignitaries]

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