Friday, December 14, 2007

Street Dates

I took the following dates from A Record of the Streets, Alleys, Places, Etc. In The City of Boston, published by the city of Boston in 1910. Streets marked (a) are in the book, but listed with no date. Streets marked with (b) are not in the book, and have been accepted by the city after 1910. I do have access to dated maps showing a minimum age for some of the streets, and in time I'll go back and try to added dates to some of the "a" and "b" streets.

The dating of the streets of the city of Boston was a great undertaking. The earliest dates seem to have been taken from early maps and citations in documents. The year 1825 seems to be the first they have regular records for, and it is noted in many listings that streets listed under 1825 are often much older - often of Colonial vintage. The dates given are for acceptance. Most streets were actually laid out withing the next several years. Many streets have changed somewhat over the years, with different sections being laid out at different times. Parker street was extended towards Centre street long after it was first laid out near Tremont street. Many streets have also changed names. In most cases, I have ignored the name changes and given the date of the original city acceptance.

Seeing the streets listed by date - and thus, by age - is a nice way to see the growth of Jamaica Plain. A series of maps based on this data would be better, but it is beyond my ability or time. Needless to say, there are errors somewhere in the list. and I'm sure I've left out some streets. I decided on my own boundary for Jamaica Plain, as I've noted in an earlier entry. If you see that your street is missing, please let me know. If you think I've included a street that's not in Jamaica Plain, pass it by me and I'll decide whether it belongs. Final word - this list is worth every cent you pay for it.

Centre street 1662
Day street 1662
School street 1662
South street 1662
Washington street 1788
Amory street 1796
Eliot street 1802
Walk Hill street 1802
Dedham turnpike 1806
Bourne street 1825
Boylston street 1825
Burroughs street 1825
Canterbury street 1825
Heath street 1825
May street 1825
Perkins street 1825
Pond street 1825
Walter street 1825
Prince street 1828
Bussey street 1832
Morton street 1832
Boston avenue (Lamartine) 1837
Green street 1837
Cornwall street 1843
Hyde Park avenue 1843
Avon street 1845
Lakeville road 1846
Elm street 1847
Forest Hills street 1848
Lamartine street 1848
Carolina avenue 1849
Louder's lane 1849
Roanoke avenue 1849
Seaverns avenue 1849
Starr lane 1849
Woodside avenue 1849
Keyes street* 1850
Lee street 1850
Newbern street 1850
Green Hill avenue 1851
Jamaica street 1851
Harris avenue 1852
Glen road 1853
Greenough avenue 1853
Brewer street 1855
Creighton street 1856
Chilcott place 1857
Alveston street 1858
Boylston avenue 1858
New Heath street 1859
Chestnut street 1860
Child street 1860
Allandale street 1863
Gordon street 1865
Orchard street 1866
Brookside avenue 1868
Sheridan avenue 1868
Walnut avenue 1868
Woodman street 1868
Atherton street 1869
Beethoven street 1869
Florian street 1869
Boynton street 1870
Chestnut place 1870
Hall street 1870
Arcadia street 1871
Bishop street 1871
Bowe street 1871
Bragdon street 1871
Everett street 1871
Germania street 1871
Grotto Glen road 1871
John A. Andrew street 1871
Neponset avenue 1871
Parker street 1871
Weld avenue 1871
Williams street 1871
Bickford street 1872
Bromley street 1872
Greenough park 1872
Rockwood street 1872
Adeliade terrace 1874
Lamartine place 1874
Revere street 1874
Spring Park avenue 1874
Union avenue 1874
Walden street 1874
Bickford avenue 1875
Brown terrace 1875
Thomas street 1875
Jess street 1876
Myrtle street 1876
Oakdale street 1876
Porter street 1876
Burr street 1877
Call street 1877
Chestnut avenue 1877
Holbrook street 1877
Enfield street 1880
Hoffman street 1880
Parley avenue 1880
Rockview street 1880
Roys street 1880
Alfred street 1881
Arklow street 1881
Custer street 1881
Danforth street 1881
Sedgwick street
Paul Gore street
Meehan street 1883
Ashley street 1884
Ballard street 1884
Boylston place 1884
Lawndale terrace 1884
Parley vale 1884
Robeson street 1884
Sigourney road 1884
Dimock street 1885
Marmion street 1885
Copley street 1886
Anson street 1887
Armstrong street 1887
Bolster street 1887
Hagar street 1887
Mozart street 1887
Wachusett street 1887
Clive street 1888
Edge Hill street 1889
Gay Head street 1889
Burnett street 1890
Cranston street 1890
Egleston street 1890
Fessenden street 1890
Forbes street 1890
Plainfield street 1890
Stedman street 1890
Peter Parley road 1891
Schiller street 1891
Sylvia street 1891
Weld Hill street 1891
Wenham street 1891
Wyman street 1891
Jamaicaway 1892
Locksley street 1892
Moss Hill road 1892
Ophir street 1892
Robinwood avenue 1892
St. Joseph street 1892
Sunnyside street 1892
Tower street 1892
Willow Pond road 1892
Woodland road 1892
Woodlawn street 1892
Adelaide street 1893
Barlow street 1893
Catherine street 1893
Jamaica place 1893
Leeland street 1893
Olmstead street 1893
Sunset avenue 1893
Spalding street 1894
Varney street 1894
Castleton street 1895
Hampstead road 1895
Iffley road 1895
Marbury terrace 1895
Montebello road 1895
Park lane 1895
Zamora street 1895
Aldworth street 1896
Arcola street 1896
Ballard way 1896
Barbara street 1896
Bynner street 1896
Chestnut square 1896
Chestnut terrace 1896
Craft place 1896
Eldridge road 1896
Hubbard street 1896
Patten street 1896
Rodman street 1896
Wyvern street 1896
Newsome park 1897
St. Mark street 1897
St. Rose street 1897
Arborway terrace 1898
Bancroft street 1898
Dixwell street 1898
Ernst street 1898
Glade avenue 1898
Glenside avenue 1898
Biltmore street 1899
Dresden street 1899
Grovenor road 1899
Hunter street 1899
Oakview terrace 1899
Rowen court 1899
Achorn circle 1900
Cleaves street 1900
Dolan's court 1900
Meehan place 1900
Asticou road 1901
Haverford street 1902
Beecher street 1903
St. Peter street 1903
Beaufort road 1905
Dane street 1905
Estrella street 1905
Segel street 1906
Varona street 1906
Alveston terrace 1907
Dunster road 1907
Halliday street 1907
Arborway court 1909
Rossmore road 1910
Toll Gate way 1910
Agassiz park a
Alden place a
Amory avenue a
Amory terrace a
Arborway a
Atherton place a
Atwood square a
Bismark street a
Carolina place a
Dalrymple street a
Eliot place a
Erie place a
Forest Hills avenue a
Francis Parkman drive a
Glenvale terrace a
Glines avenue a
Goldsmith place a
Hathaway street a
Lamartine terrace a
Larch place a
Lester place a
Maple place a
Marlou terrace a
Merriam street a
Meyer street a
Minton street a
Oakdale terrace a
Organ park street a
Peabody place a
Rockview place a
School street place a
Story place a
Wallace park a
Warren square a
Arborview road b
Blanvon road b
Bremen terrace b
Brookley road b
Brownson terrace b
Buckley avenue b
Calvin road b
Candor place b
Cartford road b
Cataumet street b
Catenaccia way b
Cedarwood road b
Cerina road b
David road b
Driftwood road b
Dunning way b
Elwell road b
Goodrich road b
Goodway road b
Granada Park b
Greenley place b
Greenview avenue - Centre pl b
Halifax street b
Hampstead lane b
Herbertson road b
Hillcroft road b
Hillside avenue b
Hopkins road b
Horan way b
Jamaicaway court b
Kenton road b
Lennoco road b
Lila road b
Lourdes avenue b
Mendell way b
Metcalf court b
Meyer court b
Nellian crescent b
New Minton street b
Nira avenue b
Oleary way b
Orchardhill road b
Pitsmoor road b
Quarley road b
Rambler road b
Rockvale circle b
Rocky Nook terrace b
Shurland street b
Stonley road b
Termine avenue b
View S avenue b
Wayburn road b
Westchester road b
Winchester terrace b
Yale terrace b
Zamora court b

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  1. Ophir Street and Green Street are missing. Three decker houses there too. Nice blog, thank you.