Monday, December 31, 2007

Dead Man Walking

Not history - just one of those good stories to share.

Boston Daily Globe November 26, 1916

Jamaica Plain Dead Man Comes To Life

About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon some one called up Station 13, in Jamaica Plain, and informed Capt Harriman that a "dead man" was lying on the sidewalk on Centre st, near the Soldier's Monument. The ambulance was hastily ordered out, and one of the sergeants, assisted by a couple of patrolmen, soon found the "dead man." He certainly looked dead, and it wasn't dead from the cup the cheers, either. He was placed in the ambulance and rushed to the City Hospital.

When he got there, however, under the prodding of the physician he suddenly startled all present by sitting up and in the classic phrase demanding "Why, without asking, hither hurried whence?" in very emphatic language.

When asked his name he refused to give it. He was dumb to all entreaty, to all kindly solicitude. He wanted to go home. Where did he live? It was none of their business.

The doctor and the police informed him that he was officially dead, and he denied the calumny with indignation. He would like to know who said he was - etc. And as there was apparently nothing the matter with him, the authorities had to let him go. The "dead man" walked down the sidewalk grumbling; grumbling at the undue interference of the police, at the physician, at the thought of paying a nickel to get home again.

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