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St Peter's Episcopal Church

Boston Daily Globe September 28, 1893

St Peter's Episcopal Church, Jamaica Plain.

Yesterday afternoon was laid by Bishop elect Lawrence the cornerstone of St Peter's Episcopal church on Paul Gore st, Jamaica Plain.

The edifice is being erected under the auspices of the Episcopal city mission and the congregation of St Peter's mission, of which the rector is Rev L.W. Lott, who prior to one year ago last May was pastor of Christ church, Lonsdale, R.I.

The structure, as shown in the cut, is of a composite order of architecture, the walls of rubble stone, with square tower, surmounted by a tapering spire, to be crowned with a cross.

There will be seating room for 300 worshipers in the church proper, and at the rear a smaller structure will be built for use as a chapel. In the basement will be placed an apparatus for heating. The cost of the building is estimated at from $10,000 to $12,000.

The committee on subscriptions consists of Rev R. Lott and Messrs George B. Kelly, J.F. Gammel and George O. Currie, and the labor of love faithfully performed by these gentlemen has met with encouraging success.

The ceremonial of yesterday was in accordance with the regular order provided by the Episcopal church for such an occasion. It opened with singing hymn 202:

The church's foundation
Is Jesus Christ, her Lord,
She is his new creation
By water and by blood.

Then followed the invitation to the concourse to unite in prayer for the divine blessing upon the work about to be begun.

After the prayer appropriate scripture selections were read.Then the Apostle's creed was recited, and after the concluding prayer and the singing of hymn No. 276 the benediction was given by the bishop elect.

Among the articles placed in the box which was deposited beneath the corner stone were a copy of the rector's memorial sermon on the late Bishop Brooks, Sunday school lesson leaflets for the quarter, cards of weekly offerings to the church, a paper containing the order of exercises of the corner stone laying, a copy of the Churchman, an Episcopalian denominational publication; a copy of the Diocese with picture and account of the new church building, a local Jamaica Plain newspaper and copies of the Boston daily papers.

The choir of St Peter's mission assisted in rendering the hymnal selections.

There attended and took part in the exercises the following clergymen: Rev L.W. Lott rector of St Peter's, Rev S.U. Shearman of Jamaica Plain, Rev A.F. Washburn of South Boston, Rev Percy Browne of Roxbury, Rev Dr Storrs of Brookline, Rev Robert Murray of Waltham, Rev Samuel Babcock of Hyde Park, Rev F.B. Allen of the Boston Episcopal city mission.

In his address Bishop-elect Lawrence said:

"It has been well remarked that a work well begun is half finished and may God grant to this work its complete fulfilment.

"I can remember when this hillside was covered with oaks and walnuts, but year after year the city has been pushing out hitherward and encroaching more and more upon the domain of nature. But the highest form of nature is found in man's spiritual being. The life of oaks and walnuts must give way to the spiritual life of man; and the spiritual works of man are more beautiful, and stronger and more enduring than any work of nature."

[the address continues]

The map segment below shows the church fronting on Paul Gore street, between Chestnut avenue and Parker court. The old Chestnut avenue primary school is on adjoining property.

Richards, L.J. 1899 (copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates)
David Rumsey Collection

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