Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The FIRST Jamaica Club House

OK, so you know about the Jamaica Club and their club house at Green and Rockview streets. Did you know where the first home of the club was? Here we have the answer. I think we can assume the John street mentioned was St John.

Boston Daily Globe June 16, 1887

Jamaica Plain club House.

The members of the Jamaica Plain club and their many friends made merry last evening upon the occasion of the formal opening of the new club house in John[sic] street, near Rockview. Early in the evening the beautiful Queen Anne house was aglow, without and within, with many colored lights, and the houses in the neighborhood were likewise illuminated.

There was no formal ceremony whatever, and the only part of the opening that partook the nature of a reception was carried on in the parlor, where His Excellency Governor Ames and His Honor Mayor O'Brien were warmly greeted.

The Jamaica club is yet young in years, but it bids fair to become the leading one in the suburbs. It was organized in 1884, and for a time its membership was wholly composed of young men. Now, however, the older men are coming, and the limit of 150 is being rapidly approached.

The new clubhouse was built by Captain Albert Lewis, H.M. Stephenson furnishing the plans and William Sanby attending to the erection. The cost of the building was about $15,000.

The interior furnishing is particularly rich, the woodwork being of cherry, and all of the rooms as to the mural decorations, warm and cozy. The furniture for the most part is of live oak, the hangings of rich silk and plush, the rugs tasty in design and in keeping with the surroundings.

On the ground floor are two billiard and pool rooms, hat, coat and toilet rooms, and the janitor's suite. On the next floor are found the parlor, library, smoking and card rooms. On the third floor are smoking rooms, card rooms and the janitor's bed room. In the basement are a 65 feet bowling alley and the gymnasium.

In addition to a full quota of the members and their ladies last evening:

[list of names]

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