Sunday, December 30, 2007

The End Of The Jamaica Club

Well, it certainly seems that the Jamaica Club was dead by the time this article was written. I've already posted an article on the purchase of the first Jamaica Club house in 1887. The Jamaica Plain Historical Society has an online picture postcard of the building on Rockview and Green streets referred to in the article below. I knew that the K. of C. ended up with the building, but I didn't know that it was this early.

So what happened to the Jamaica Club? Did life get to hectic for private clubs like that? Fraternal groups like the Masons survived - perhaps a stand-alone club like the Jamaica couldn't survive a temporary loss of members. It's interesting to see a Catholic group replace what was probably a Protestant social club. There goes the neighborhood, no?

Boston Daily Globe July 14, 1918

Jamaica Plain Council To Have New Clubhouse

Jamaica Plain Council, K. of C., has acquired the property at the corner of Rockview and Green sts, formerly occupied by the Jamaica Club, for a Council Home. The estate comprises 16,000 square feet of land and a large frame building.

Plans are already underway for extensive alterations on the building. The interior will be thoroughly overhauled and renovated. Lodge rooms, an auditorium, bowling alleys and billiard room will be installed and when finished the committee in charge feel that Jamaica Plain, which is one of the older councils of Massachusetts, will have as fully equipped and complete a council home as is to be found in the state.

A building association has been formed with Past District Deputy Walter A. White, president; Joseph B. Kavanaugh, vice president; John F. Kelley, treasurer, and P.W.A. Maxwell, clerk. Executive, house and membership committees, comprising the most active members of the Council, have been appointed.

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