Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mr. Atwood's Trees

The world needs people like Louis Atwood. Jamaica Plain had one.

Boston Daily Globe December 27, 1913

Atwood Has 100, Will Take More

Starts Home for Aged Christmas Trees.

Jamaica Plain Estate Made Green in a Day.

Boys With Handcart Assist in Transformation.

Yesterday a bare waste of ground, today a veritable forest of green fir trees covered with snow, such is the transformation wrought on the estate of Louis L.P. Atwood of 27 Seaverns av,Jamaica Plain.

The good people of the Plain rubbed their eyes in amazement as they passed the grounds yesterday afternoon at the sight of the trees which had sprung up as though by magic, and which nodded a welcome to every visitor. The entrance to the Atwood home was flanked on each side by nearly a dozen of the stately monarchs of the forest, the yard was dotted with trees of many sizes and shapes and on either side of the garage in the rear of the house two stately firs stood guard.

To all conjectures as to the cause of this sudden and startling forestation Mr Atwood maintained during the day a discreet silence.

Early yesterday morning two boys, pushing a handcart before them, started from Mr Atwood's home on a mysterious errand. After a tour of the business establishments of Jamaica Plain, they returned, their cart laden with Christmas trees. Mr Atwood had been impatiently awaiting them, and on their arrival seized his spade and in a few moments had set the trees in the ground. Once again the boys started forth on their errand and continued throughout the day and by nightfall had gathered more than 100 trees, which had been planted in every nook and corner of the estate by the enthusiastic Mr Atwood.

Late yesterday afternoon Mr Atwood said to his curious neighbors that he had wished to have something green about his house throughout the cold Winter months. He had spent 10 years in Southern California, and had come to dread the dreary Winter of Northland. While passing a provision store Christmas afternoon he saw several Christmas trees standing in front of the establishment. It seemed a pity to him that they should be wasted. He hurried to his home and suggested to his wife that it would be pleasant to set out a few of these trees in his yard, and she cordially agreed.

Realizing that his own efforts would be feeble, he hired the two boys, and Mr Atwood was kept busy throughout the day setting out the trees they gathered.

By dark more than 100 trees were rearing their heads on the Atwood estate, and Mr Atwood proudly gazed over the scene of primeval beauty which he had created.

At that he is not satisfied. Although it seemed that every nook and corner of his estate was covered with the firs, he proclaimed aloud his desire for more trees, and told every passerby to come to him if they had fir trees to dispose of.

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful. We DO need more men like Mr. Atwood. We also need more newspaper articles like this one!

    What a whimsical thing to do. I miss this world!