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Mt Hope Mission - For Children

I posted an article about the Mt Hope Home for Fallen Women earlier. Someone was nice enough to comment and inform me that the property later served as a home for children. It took me a while to get around to it, but here is an article showing that the home did, in fact, serve children in later years.

Please note that the Globe puts the house in Roslindale. Not to worry - the City of Boston web site puts the Toll Gate cemetery in Roslindale as well. Doesn't anyone who works at City Hall actually live in the city any more? Or is The Bunker filled with BU kids from Long Island?

Boston Daily Globe June 10, 1902

House Finely Decorated With Daisies.

Annual Reception of the Children of the Mount Hope Home in Roslindale.

Yesterday afternoon the children of the Mt Hope home, Bourne and Florence sts, Roslindale, a branch of the North End mission, gave their annual reception.

This home has the support of many of the leading residents of the city and yesterday they gathered to the number of about 150 to witness the exercises of the children, view the excellent accommodations and observe the work done by the little ones.

In honor of the occasion the house was decorated with flowers of all kinds, daisies predominating, most of which were gathered by the children, who worked hard to show in this manner their appreciation of what is being done for them. The yard looked radiant with bunting suspended between the trees and flags scattered about.

Rev C.L.D. Younkin, the superintendent of the mission, and Miss L.J. Cann, the matron of the home, received the guests as they arrived and took a great deal of pleasure and pride in showing them around the grounds and through the house, that all might get some idea of the work the home is doing.

That all were more than satisfied with what they saw was manifest by the hearty exclamations of commendation heard.

The exercises of the afternoon opened with a prayer by Mr Younkin, followed by an address by Mr Pierce, the president of the mission, who explained the objects and the work of the mission and its branch, the Mr Hope home. The the children gave vocal selections and recitations, which were greeted with applause. Rev George F. Durgin, pastor of the Bethany Methodist church of Roslindale, made interesting remarks.

Refreshments were served.

A business meeting of the board of directors was held and the old officers were reelected.

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