Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fire At The Fireworks Factory

I'd like to know where this business was. It could have been outside of what we consider Jamaica Plain now, as I can't find it on any map.

Boston Daily Globe October 2, 1877

Explosion And Fire.

Wedger's Fire-Works Manufactory in the West Roxbury District Destroyed - The Proprietor Severely Burned.

About 3:20 yesterday afternoon an alarm was sounded in the West Roxbury District for a fire in Wedger's fire-works manufactory on Canterbury street. The buildings, two in number, were small, two-and-a-half story structures, situated apart from other buildings. Most of the stock was removed some days since, and consequently the loss was small. The fire was caused by an explosion of chemicals and the building was totally destroyed. Loss $600, with no insurance. In his effort to extinguish the flames Mr B.M. Wedger was severely burned about the face, arms and neck.

Boston Daily Globe October 30, 1891

Loose Powder Fired.

Mimic Pyrotechnic Display Made in Fireworks Factory.

Consternation prevailed yesterday after noon shortly before 3 o'clock in the manufacturing room of B.M. Wedger's fireworks factory, Jamaica Plain.

One of the employees in making an experiment did not exercise the usual care essential in making such tests and a spark communicated with some of the loose powder scattered about the bench, causing a mimic pyrotechnic display.

Soon one of the benches was in flames. Some of the girls in the adjoining room screamed, while several of the men, acting with commendable coolness, hastily extinguished the flames.

Meanwhile an alarm had been sounded from box 530, but by the time of the arrival of the department, the crisis was passed. The damage was slight.

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