Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jamaica Plain W.C.T.U.

Certain topics in history seem to get orphaned. Women were leaders in the temperance movement, but they don't seem to get any love these days. Is it the scowl of Carrie Nation that scares off potential admirers, or is it the modern taste for the Devil's Drink? Whichever the case, let's raise a glass and remember the activist women of Jamaica Plain's past.

Boston Daily Globe February 22, 1901

Its 18th Anniversary.

Celebration by Jamaica Plain Women's Christian Temperance Union.

The Jamaica Plain W.C.T.U. observed its 18th anniversary at the Central Congregational church last evening. Early in the evening the members and guests gathered around the banquet table. Mrs A.E. Pearson, president of the union, sat at the head table and around her were the guests of the evening, who made addresses - Mrs Katherine Lente Stevenson, state president; Mrs Susan S. Fessenden ex state president; Mrs Harriet T. Todd, state secretary; Mrs Dr Louise Purington, county president and Miss Elizabeth P. Gordon, state editor.

Following the supper interesting exercises were held and the addresses and reports showed the opening of the 19th year of the union to be a most auspicious one.

Music was furnished by the Algonquin banjo, mandolin and guitar club. The committee of arrangements was composed of Mrs A.E. Pearson, Mrs C.E. Withington, Mrs Coburn, Mrs Keyes, Miss Woodworth, Mrs Huxley and Mrs Cross.

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  1. Very interesting. A number of years ago I was a reporter for a paper and wrote a feature on the WCTU. I was so surprised that it still exists!